Welcome to The Impresario Experience

Impresario is a UK and (seasonally) Ibiza based company specializing in the provision of high quality and prestigious rentals/accommodation in Ibiza for discerning clients. Where only the best will do, Impresario will look to match tailored requirements to its extensive client base.  

Terms of Agreement                                                               

Villa rentals:

Impresario Responsibilities
On commencement of this agreement;

1. Impresario will prepare photographs and descriptions of the property for entry into its portfolio, website and other media advertising and will immediately promote the property(ies) to its clients free of any charge to the owner. Any such media publication will be submitted to the Owner for accuracy and approval. 

2. On confirming a match of client and property, Impresario will be responsible for forwarding the appropriate rental contract to the client for completion and will insure its appropriate completed return and that prompt payments are made as required under the terms and conditions of the relevant contract once agreed. 

3. Impresario will assign a personal agent to manage each specific booking to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience occurs for all parties.

Yacht chartering:

The charter fee covers the hire of the vessel, crew and mooring. Fuel is chargeable based on hours of actual running time and must be paid in full before leaving the vessel, except for certain vessels where fuel is included.

Upon signing, a 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking, the balance due before departure. If the client cancels before the charter, the deposit is forfeit. If we are able to re-let the yacht, 50% will be refunded. APA of 30% is to be paid in cleared funds before departure for large vessels or multi day charters, from which consumables, fuel and berthing outside the home port will be paid. All deductions from this allowance will be purchased at reasonable cost, and covered by receipts. The balance will be repaid at the end of the charter. If the APA is used before the end of the charter, an additional amount will be requested before more supplies can be purchased.

In the event of bad weather, the decision whether to continue with the charter is that of the Captain. Short showers, or cloud do nor constitute a reason for cancellation. High winds and consistent rain would normally be grounds for cancellation. If a cancellation is callled for by the captain, full refund will be made to the client if an alternative date cannot be arranged to the satisfaction of the client.  Similarly, in the event of mechanical failure, an alternative vessel will be sought, and if this is not possible to the satisfaction of the client, a full refund will be made.

Jet charter:

Terms and conditions will be supplied upon contract.